Watching the Perseids with a Preschooler

Mommy, is that one?


Mommy, I want popcorn.

Mommy, I want hot chocolate to go with this popcorn.

Mommy, now that I have popcorn and hot chocolate and am outside on top of the car, I want a blanket.

Mommy, is that a meteor?

No, that's a plane -wait! There's one. Oh, nope. That's a helicopter.

Mommy is that one?


Mommy, where I am supposed to look?


Mommy, I want to see a shooting star.

Yeah, me too! Tell me about it.

Mommy, can I see a meteor?

I hope so!

Mommy? I'm cold.

I just got you a blanket! Hey! I think I might have seen one out of the corner of my eye!

What's the corner of your eye?

My peripheral vision.

I want political vision.

Please don't have any vision of politics.

I saw a meteor!

Sweetie, that is a car going down the street. It's not even in the sky. You have to look up.

Mommy, I don't see anything.

I have a crick in my neck.

(starts screaming) I don't want a cricket in my neck!!! Is there a cricket in my neck??

NO! I just meant my neck hurt. I'm old. It happens when you get old. It has nothing to do with insects.


No. (at this point I am pretty sure that I am hallucinating meteors and can't tell if I am actually seeing any or not.)

Mommy? I want to go inside. This is so boring. Meteor showers are boring.

Fine. Maybe we'll have better luck with the Leonids.

My view of the meteor shower last night was NOTHING like this pretty picture. Click through the photo for the original source which was courtesy of