Your New Summer Cocktail: Blueberry Vodka Lemonade.

(photo found here, with a different, but I'm sure equally delicious blueberry vodka lemonade recipe that is way harder to make than mine.)

Since I'm busy finishing up my second book, I figured you should all go get drunk while you're waiting for me. Just kidding. We know I'm a big teetotaler over here.

But even though I'm not a drinker, I do enjoy a light cocktail (like a half of one, but still) especially at social gatherings.

It's almost summer. Memorial Day is in a couple of weeks and I know I'm going to be BBQing, so I came up with what is going to be my signature summer drink and I'm excited to make it for the upcoming holiday weekend. Once you guys try it, you'll be hooked too. I decided to pass it on to you without exact measurements because you can make it as strong or weak as you like and you can either make a single one or a big pitcher full of it. If you want to get totally Pinterest about it, you can even serve it in chilled Mason jars, which would be really pretty.
So, blueberries have been my favorite food since I was little. I love anything blueberry, especially in the summer, so I wanted to make a refreshing blueberry lemonade perfect for every summer event and I wanted it to be really easy and accessible so I didn't have to fool around in the kitchen when I could be in the pool.

Here's how to do it.

Start with this:

You can use any kind of blueberry lemonade you want. This is not any sort of product endorsement, however, this is the only brand of ready-made blueberry lemonade I've ever seen and it tastes good and has real ingredients so I'm sticking with it.

Then add some of this:

Again, use whatever brand of blueberry flavored vodka you can find and make it as strong or as weak as you like. 

Then add some of this:

This is unsweetened, lemon flavored seltzer water. Lots of brands make it. I'm not really partial to any particular one, but LaCroix is the brand I see the most and the one I usually end up buying. Add as much seltzer as you like. I tend to add quite a bit to my blueberry vodka lemonade because I like the fizz and because it cuts the sweet syrupy-ness of the lemonade.

At this point, taste it and add more lemonade, vodka or seltzer until you get the flavors balanced how you like them.

Then throw in a few of these:

Use frozen blueberries from a bag or freeze your own. Either way, they chill your cocktail without watering it down and as they melt they add more flavor. Then you can eat them. I just think they make the whole thing even more summery and festive.

Now pour your cocktail over ice, sit back, relax and enjoy. You are going to LOVE this. For real. And if you're the president of the temperance society like me, just leave out the vodka and it's just as delicious. I swear.