Victoria Fedden is a humorous memoirist based in South Florida and author of THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE, which is due out in June of 2016.

Victoria Fedden was born to a teen mom in rural Delaware and is the granddaughter of a trucker and a General. With free spirits as parents, she's moved 30 times, living in New York, Vermont, Georgia and South Florida. She has six siblings, one of whom is actually her aunt, and has done a lot of things to pay the bills. She has conducted telephone surveys, waited tables, has been a line cook, worked in a pottery studio, a Waldorf kindergarten and even a strip club. In 2009 Victoria received her MFA in Creative Writing from Florida Atlantic University. After graduating, she taught writing at FAU, Barry University and Palm Beach State College. Her blog "Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds," which she's written since 2005, was voted 2011's best Humor Blog by the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Victoria's work has appeared in many anthologies and publications and she is a regular contributor at elephant journalScary Mommy, and Babble.

Victoria Fedden no longer looks like this, but wishes desperately that she still had her 24 year old body. Unfortunately for her physique, Victoria Fedden is now a 40 year old mother who very much enjoys cake. And ice cream. And dark chocolate. Although she is not such a fan of all this salted caramel nonsense. Victoria Fedden would also like to add that every cloud has a silver lining, meaning that the baby and the cake that took away her 24 year old figure, gave her, in exchange, much bigger boobs.

Victoria Fedden lives on an island off the coast of Florida though she dreams of having a big, airy farm house in her home state of Delaware where she can enjoy fireflies and the smell of hot chicken poop in the summers. Okay, not really enjoy it, but the smell does bring back a lot of memories. Victoria is kind of a country girl at heart. At least she'd like to imagine that she is. She likes baking and holidays and long tables filled with relatives. She likes iced tea in jelly jars and flowers picked out of the yard. She grows her own bananas (actually her husband does), feeds stray cats and goes to church because she likes the people there. Volunteer work is fun and so is Candy Land. She relaxes when she watches children playing outside.

Victoria received her MFA in Creative Writing from Florida Atlantic University in 2009. When she graduated she promised that one day she would make the school's MFA program famous and she promises she is still working on this in hopes that one day they might even give her a tenure track teaching position there because now that she's gone the school has its own fancy movie theater. Can you even imagine?? She can't believe she missed out on all the good artsy film action in grad school.

Victoria Fedden would be the first person voted off the island in a reality show. She is not one of those people who likes sky diving and bungee jumping. Her idea of a thrill is a good book in a soft bed and a lot of coffee. She has never been to Maine (yet), would like to live somewhere with big trees some day and wants you to know that ultimately, we are all crazy and we are all going to be okay in spite of it. She promises. And that is why she writes.